Have the West Indies Exposed a Chink in Ponting's armour?

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The West Indian skipper believes he has given the world a strategy for ruining the twilight years of Ponting' s career with a blood-and-thunder bumper war.
"One thing we have exposed in this series is Ricky Ponting's problems against the short ball," Gayle told the Herald Sun .
"Our plan to bowl short at him worked really well and they are tactics that other Test teams can use with a lot of success against him.
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Anonymous Som said...

I think Windies exposed many such chinks and not just only in Punter's armour. The scoreline is grossly misleading. Gayle & Co really redeemed themselves.

22/12/2009, 09:56  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

I think the Australian's had a lucky escape. The series could well have gone the other way.

Any let us hope this will 'provoke' West Indies cricket.

22/12/2009, 10:42  

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