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The West End Whingers at the Swiss Cottage Swi...
Gayle explains why Shane Watson went over the top and ends up calling the Australian cricket team a pack of ‘whingers’:
“What happened was that I was at the non-striker’s end and he was just looking at me. I asked him ‘What’s your problem, man?’ and then I said, ‘When you come on [to bowl] I’m going to take a swing at you,” Gayle said.
“And then he got me out and came down screaming in my face. It wasn’t called for, to be honest with you. But he’s that sort of person. Whenever he gets hit for four he always gives batters talk, but when you give it back to them they can’t actually take it,” he added.
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Anonymous Liju Philip said...

doesnt all this sound familiar? The sydney test, the maaki-monkey controversy?

The Assies deserve all the flak they get.

25/12/2009, 06:23  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Yes it the usual Australian tactics of targeting a player. The difference is others have realised their tactics and have started using it on them.:)

25/12/2009, 06:30  

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