3rd Test, 2nd Day Impressions, India vs. Sri Lanka/2009

Well my wish was granted. I wanted India to wrap up the Sri Lankan innings quickly, which they promptly did.

I wanted Sehwag to exhibit some tenacity. He is still there at lunch looking as cuddly as a hibernating bear.

The reason why I wanted Sehwag to last past lunch was to watch him take on the Murali and Herath. I believe that the way Indians play these two in the 1st innings will prove to be decisive.

Hence, my wish that Sehwag lasts until lunch.

Now let us see how he defangs the spinners. If he messes it up, you can be sure that Indian will make heavy weather of their innings.

Update 5.15 PM

Virender Sehwag: 284 from 239 balls.

India: 443 for 1.

Writing anything more will be superfluous and a sacrilege.
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