3rd Test, 1st Day Impressions – India vs. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka won the toss and rightly batted first. Straight away one could see that Indian bowlers were in for some hard work.

There was indeed some swing and bounce in the pitch and both Zaheeer and Sreesanth proceeded to waste it by bowling the wrong line and length.

Actually, Zaheer got some exaggerated swing, the sort of swing that makes the ball swerve to second slip on passing the bat. Good for getting the negligible crowd excited but bad for business.

Sreesanth’s bowling was too short; unfortunately, the carry off the pitch was such that the ball had enough energy to reach Dhoni’s waist.

It looks as if it will be up to the spinners to halt Sri Lanka. In fact, the ball the got Harbhajan the wicket spun and took the shoulder of the bat to be caught at slip.

One expects that in this test match the spinners will account for wickets in identical fashion.

Update: 05.35 p.m.

Well the match turned on its head during the post lunch session when Mahela Jayawardene miscued a hook and lost his wicket.

From then on, the match was even in the sense, Sri Lanka carried on scoring at a good rate and the Indian bowlers continued to punch holes in the Sri Lankan batting.

However, the day ended with Sri Lanka in a position to dictate terms and with Gambhir not in the squad to nullify Muralitharan, India certainly has a fight in its hands.

One can almost imagine the Sri Lankan’s Murali and Herath salivating at the prospect of bowling in the 4 th innings.


Blogger straight point said...

looks like india prepared pitch well for murli's farewell... ;-)

02/12/2009, 13:55  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

I agree, Pan. We could well see fighting to save the match.

02/12/2009, 16:36  
Blogger Soulberry said...

It might be fair to say Lanka have done enough to pressurize India in this test. Just watching the highlights for I missed the day's play.I can see what you mean about Zak and Sree failing to capitalize on the assistance,

02/12/2009, 18:16  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

On the money SB. I think we have lost the advantage and may have to do all the running in this Test.

02/12/2009, 18:45  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

On the money SB. I think we have lost the advantage and may have to do all the running in this Test.

02/12/2009, 18:46  
Blogger Rishabh said...

The match is eqaully poised at the moment. The pendullum can just hang on in any direction.

02/12/2009, 23:09  
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Anonymous Ottayan said...


The first session on the second day, will show which way the pendulum will swing.

I believe India has a fight on its hands.

03/12/2009, 06:17  

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