Test cricket is the least popular format

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An MCC survey has revealed that Test cricket format is the least popular.
MCC commissioned research in October 2009 into the reasons why attendances at Test cricket were declining in parts of the world.
Test attendances in Australia and England remain strong and so the initial research centred on cricket fans in three countries: India, New Zealand and South Africa.
The survey of 1,500 cricket fans in India, New Zealand and South Africa shows:
  • Strong support for a World Test Championship
  • Strong support for day/night Test cricket
  • T20 cricket has helped to diminish the following of Test cricket
  • ODI cricket is the most popular format in South Africa and New Zealand
  • Test cricket is comfortably the least popular format in all three countries
  • Slow over rates, drawn games and bland pitches are not major reasons why fans are not attending Test matches
  • Ticket prices are a major reason for non-attendance, particularly when games can be watched on television
Read more detailed analysis of each section of the research:
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Blogger straight point said...

you keep producing patta wickets and then there wont ever be any need to conduct survey about test cricket...

19/11/2009, 13:44  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Exactly. Another interesting thing is even the South Africans and New Zealander's find it boring.

Only the usual suspects, English and the Australian's are still enourmed with it.

Wonder whether there is any point in playing Test matches if no one is interested in watching it.

What do you think?

19/11/2009, 18:24  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

While there is truth in it, you have to wonder why the survey didn't cover all the countries including Eng and Aus. You might see that it throws even more surprises to the contrary.

Love the heading though... An emphatic prove. Yeah right... with a sample of 1500 LOL.

19/11/2009, 18:41  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


They deliberately left out the two countries as attendance is still high.:)

19/11/2009, 18:49  
Blogger straight point said...

ott do you still believe that its test matches being played out there...?

its the stage to massage the ego of pretenders in the name of batsmen to swell their averages and heads on 'deadliest' strips...

i sometimes wonder why not they play with bowling machines on these tracks...?

the moment ball start to do the talking you see 'test' match closing in two and half days at most three days...

19/11/2009, 19:56  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


I am in complete agreement. Look at Jayawardene, I am yet to see a better flat track bully.

19/11/2009, 20:01  

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