Sreesanth is back!

Sreesanth, snatched 5 for 75 in Sri Lanka's first innings and drew first blood in the second innings leaving the Sri Lankan's in disarray.

Suffice to say that victory is at hand and I am smiling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was always a BIG fan of Sree even when the critics were against him and when he was going through the most difficult phase of his career. Extremely happy to see him getting a chance and proving again his capabilities to the world and his critics who were queuing up to write him off....Great stuff Sree...hope you will get the 10fer...

26/11/2009, 22:31  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


In total agreement with you and I am also glad to see that he has cut down his theatrics.

27/11/2009, 07:27  

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