Bowlers will bowl Test cricket to death

It has become a habit for the bowlers to blame wickets for their failure.

For example Harbhajan has not only blamed the Motera wicket for his non-performance in that Test but also has gone to the extent of blaming docile wickets for the declining interest in Test cricket.

Is it correct for bowlers like Harbhajab Singh to blame wickets for their failure?

This writer strongly believes that it is bowlers like Harbhajan Singh to be blamed.( The Art of Wrist-Spin Bowling).

It is fact that none of the current lot of bowlers in international cricket have the guile, the persistence or even the heart to bowl on unhelpful wickets.

So much so you can see them wilt at the mere sight of lifeless wickets and simply go through the motions of bowling.

Their defensive mindset is furthered by captains who appear to wait for divine intervention to help bowl out the opposition.

Surprisingly, the press abets in spreading the misconception by repeating what these wilting flowers say about their lack of success ad nauseam.

It is time the bowlers woke up to their inability to bowl successfully on all types of pitches and learn how to weed out batsmen from even the most docile of pitches.

For this they have to learn patience and develop the persistence when the conditions are unfavourable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think to an extend Harbhajan is right, because it was not only Harbhajan who struggled, the one and only Muttiah Muralitharan, who can turn the ball square even in a glass failed to pick a single wicket on a fifth day pitch. Then there is something wrong with the pitch for sure.

22/11/2009, 13:38  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


I was comparing the current lot of spinners to ones like our famous spinning trio, Underwood and Lance Gibbs.

I am sure they would have winkled out batsmen on even concrete pitches.

22/11/2009, 16:07  
Blogger straight point said...

i know where you are coming from ott... but then when you have to do this virtually every time with no hope to encounter even sporting pitch let alone bowling friendly than i takes toll on you and your mental strength...

23/11/2009, 14:27  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Amit Mishra also joined in the act. Tut tut bad mishra.

Now doesn't this make Anil Kumble the actual God of Indian cricket.

24/11/2009, 21:50  
Blogger Slogger said...

May be they made the wicket such a way that chuckers can't get wickets, then again Mishra didn't get wickets either.....hmmm

26/11/2009, 08:58  
Blogger Yayathy said...

Five years back people said that Murali could turn the ball on glass. He was unable to pick up a wicket on fifth day. Motera did not have spin nor swing and it didnt have the pace as well. Instead of asking bowlers to bowl we can have bowling machines on these types of wickets.


26/11/2009, 09:57  

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