Pakistan to bid for 2014 Twenty20 World Cup

PCB bid to host Twenty20 World Cup
Efforts on to muster support.

Pakistan's cricket board is planning a bid to host the 2014 Twenty20 World Cup and efforts are being made to get other cricket playing countries to support their bid.


Though no one will deny that Pakistan has a legitimate right to bid for the Twenty20 World Cup, it remains to be seen whether the tournament will be staged or end up being postponed like the ICC Champions Trophy.


If Pakistan wins the bid, one foresees further uncertainties and petulant behavior from the PCB.



Blogger straight point said...

are you serious...? i first thot is of as a joke... :)

28/09/2009, 13:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


They are deadly serious.:)

28/09/2009, 15:00  
Anonymous Cricket Bats said...

It would be fanastic for Cricket in Pakistan but is this bid realistic?

28/09/2009, 17:29  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Exactly Cricket Bat. It is unrealistic and hopefully the other countries will disassociate themselves from this attempt.

Having said that if PCB u\is serious then it will be good for Pakistan cricket.

28/09/2009, 17:46  

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