BCCI forces IMG into submission - warns Franchisees.

  • IMG submits to BCCI terms.
  • BCCI asks IPL franchisees to mind their own business.


The dramatic happenings over the conduct of BCCI flagship Twenty20 tournament the IPL has been resolved to BCCI's satisfaction.


The dispute arose because of the abrupt termination of IMG's 10-year contract for managing IPL.


The politics surrounding the event had even IPL franchisee owners taking sides.


However, on Thursday the drama ended with IMG succumbed to the pressure exerted by BCCI and agreed to reduce their fees for managing IPL.


Since this was the crux of the problem, IMG was reinstated as the event manager. Reportedly, IMG will be paid only 270 million rupees per season against the US $ 10 million per season.


Having resolved the IMG issue to their satisfaction, BCCI quickly turned its gun on the interfering Franchisee's and asked them to confine themselves to running the franchisees.



Blogger straight point said...

the whole drama was enacted perfectly by bcci to cut img as well as franchisees to size... :)

25/09/2009, 12:45  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Exactly Pan and the suckers fell for it.:)

25/09/2009, 13:55  

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