Vinod Kambli retires - Still eye's IPL?

Vinod Kambli announced his retirement from international cricket but said he will continue playing domestic cricket.


His decision to continue playing domestic cricket is surely with an eye on the opportunities in IPL and other Twenty20 games.


For the record Vinod Kambli, played 17 Tests and made 1084 runs at an average of 54.20. He also played 104 ODI's and scored 2477 runs at an average of 32.59 runs and a strike rate of 71.94.


Curiously, considering his flamboyant batting style, Vinod Kambli shone more as a Test batsman rather than as an ODI batsman.


He made his name in International cricket with back-to-back double centuries in his 3rd and 4th Tests. However, most Indian's will remember the image of Vinod Kambli crying as he stood bereft of partners and on a crumbling pitch in the World Cup semi-finals against Sri Lanka at Kolkata (a match abandoned due to rioting).



Blogger straight point said...

kambli is apt example of what happens to player hell bent of pressing self-destruct button...if only he had found a mentor...

17/08/2009, 12:47  
Blogger Vikas said...

It will be frustrating for Vinod Kambli,who was said to be having more talent than Sachin Tendulkar will be known more as Tendulkar's mate.

17/08/2009, 12:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wasted talent...surely would have become a great if nurtured and guided properly...

17/08/2009, 15:30  
Blogger Megha said...

most Indian's will remember the image of Vinod Kambli crying as he stood bereft of partners...

yep..that's the way I remember him..

SP, re "if only he had found a mentor.." may I add "or if the PCB were in charge!"

17/08/2009, 16:13  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


I get the impression that he was one of those who refused to heed an advice.

17/08/2009, 16:58  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Absolutely, the eternal bridesmaid.:)

17/08/2009, 16:59  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


True but as Pan said he was hell bent on self-destruction.

17/08/2009, 17:01  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


That image refuses to leave from memory.

17/08/2009, 17:01  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


I tried visiting your website.My browser claims it is hosting malware.

Please check.

17/08/2009, 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ottayan,

Is it...? I dont know what happened mate, but i checked with my friends and they were OK with it..how about having another crack..?

17/08/2009, 22:35  
Blogger LVISS said...


18/08/2009, 07:03  
Anonymous Som said...

Kambli made a mess of it. He should have first announced that he had not retired from international cricket.

18/08/2009, 08:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...That was a good one and a true one. The whole world were thinking Kambli retired years back, you are right, he should have made the first announcement that he hasn't retired probably a week before the latest announcement.... :)

18/08/2009, 09:49  

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