Shoaib Akthar asks, why only me?

Reacting to a television interview where Shoaib Akthar threatened to sue the Pakistan team manager for publicizing his confidential medical report, the PCB in its admirable autocratic manner asked Pakistani cricketers to refrain from giving interviews.

They also slapped a show-cause notice on Shoaib Akthar for violating three clauses in his central contract and gave July 31, 2009 as the deadline for his response. Shoaib Akthar duly gave his reply yesterday.

Though the PCB officially acknowledged receipt, a spokesperson deflected queries on it by craftily suggesting they have only received it and are yet to see the contents.

However, sources has revealed that Shoaib Akthar justified his appearance on television by saying that he was only following the example set by his team mates and as such he was unaware of infringing his contract.

Regular followers of the soap opera, that is PCB, will recollect that in the wake of Pakistan’s surprise ICC World Cup Twenty20 win, the players have all been sounding off on various channels.

So, Akthar is in a way correct in arguing why he is the only one to be questioned. He is also reportedly collecting copies of interviews given by other players to bolster his argument. Obviously, Shoaib Akthar believes this is the optimal method to befriend his estranged Pakistani colleagues.

It will be interesting to observe PCB’s response. Will they question everyone and punish them all or will they conduct an eye- wash inquiry on others and punish Shoaib Akthar?



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the battle between Shoaib and the PCB goes on and on and on.....

01/08/2009, 19:28  

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