Australia at the cusp of history

Ricky Ponting and his team are at the cusp of history.

First, let us take Ricky Ponting’s case. If he loses the current Ashes series, he makes history by becoming the second Australian to captain an Ashes losing side twice.

Now coming to his team, they are all set to make history. If they lose this series, they fall to 4th place in the ICC Test rankings, which is a first for Australian cricket team.

Similarly, if they manage to draw the series they drop down to the 2nd place. Which means if Australia loses the Ashes series, they fall off the 1st ranking they have made their own since 2003.


England's Ashes tour to Australia in the winter of 2006 was certainly a disaster on the field, but what was the trip like for the fans who followed the team throughout the series? In  Ashes to Dust: The Nightmare Before Christmas,Graham Cookson seeks to provide a colourful diary of exactly what it was like during the tour with celebrity spottings, verbal jousting with the Australian fans and, of course, humiliation in the middle all discussed in detail.


Anonymous Philip said...

i would love to see Ponting / Australia reach this record. Go Aussie Go ;)

05/08/2009, 05:54  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Quirt a few us would love to see it happen too.:)

05/08/2009, 05:59  
Blogger Vikas J Yadav said...

If this happens it might be treated as end of Australian era.

05/08/2009, 17:17  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


A warm welcome and I am all for the end of the Australian era.:)

05/08/2009, 17:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes guys we are waiting for it...I think the Invincible Aussies era has already ended but throwing them out from the No:1 ranking will just confirm it officially....Go Aussie Go....dont disappoint us.....:)

05/08/2009, 18:03  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Yep an official confirmation is desirable.:)

05/08/2009, 19:05  

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