Pakistan disappoints

Pakistan handed the three match series to Sri Lanka in a platter. Having rode on a fine century by Fawad Alam, Pakistan collapsed predictably and from a high of 285 for one were shot out for 320.

The target of 171 was too small for Sri Lanka to worry about that they over ran it without alarms.

Frankly, though Sri Lanka won a series against Pakistan for the first time, this series win was given to them. Pakistan did everything to ensure that Sri Lanka had a cake walk.

The way in which the Pakistan batting repeatedly imploded, gives rise to doubts whether the Pakistan batsmen were sincere in their efforts.

The point is Sri Lanka did nothing to win the series. Their bowling and their batting were average and one would have to delve deeply into the records to find when a team had won a series without one of their batsmen scoring a century.


Blogger LVISS said...


15/07/2009, 06:53  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Excuse the typo.

15/07/2009, 08:03  
Blogger straight point said...

the perfect series between two teams determined to commit harakiri...the team which did less...won...

15/07/2009, 11:38  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Exactly Pan, but Pakistan commits harakiri more frequently and efficiently than others.

15/07/2009, 12:39  

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