Now a ‘Hawk-eye (d)’ Guardian

Until now, the television broadcasters have always led the way in innovations. During a major cricket series, they inevitably introduce a new technology that enhances viewing experience. However, this Ashes series, it is the turn of an online publisher, The Guardian, to stun us by introducing Hawk-Eye analysis along with their ball-by-ball commentary.

According to them, “throughout the Ashes series you will not only be able to follow the action through our unrivalled over-by-over commentary, live galleries, session-by-session reports and live scoreboards, you will also be able to use our live and interactive Hawk-Eye analysis system”.

Probably this is the first time a major online publisher like The Guardian is introducing Hawk-Eye and letting their users set their own preferences.

To the reader: Did you check out Guardian’s new Hawk-Eye analysis tool and if so did you like it?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, I work with Betfair and have a competition idea for the Ashes I would like to speak to you about, can you email me helen.shepherd@yourmandate.com?

09/07/2009, 15:04  

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