Is Buchanan eligible?

Buchanan’s has done what any self-respecting coach who needs to sell a book will do, i.e., collect some shit in a socks and twirl it around his head and letting go. The principle being that some shit will hit the ceiling and provide sufficient ‘smell’ for his book sales to gain traction.

Well, his first target, Sachin has failed to rise to the challenge. His next Sunil Gavaskar is too busy celebrating his 60 th birthday to worry about the slurs. Well, his third target, Yuvraj, is unconcerned, as everyone including Yuvraj knows that Bcuhanan has spoken the truth about him.

His only hope now rests with Harbhajan Singh. The risible Bhajji has taken up the challenge and declared that Buchanan’s comment had hurt him.

Bhajji as his wont has also questioned Buchanan’s eligibility. Now do not ask what he is questioning about, it could be his eligibility to coach or even Buchanan’s ‘Teri Ma Ki’s’.

As for Mr Buchanan, having raised the awareness’ around his book he promptly denied allegations he had criticised three current Indian players and Sunil Gavaskar in his newly-released book, The Future of Cricket: The Rise of Twenty20.

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