England Escapes

Not to put a fine point to it, Australia let them. Having got rid of all but one, Australia found themselves unable to get the last batsmen out in time. The fact that Panesar was one of the obdurate pair would certainly have all Australian's gagging in their beer.

This draw will only accentuate the examination of the current Australian squad. Comparisons will be made with the earlier ones and armchair critics will somberly shake their heads thinking the earlier ones would have run over this pair without breaking into a sweat.

Coming to the England, as usual the press have painted it in martial tones, with one columnist even going as far as likening England's escape to the one in Dunkirk. Suffice to say, that this will only boost the English players ego, but the reality is at the beginning of this Test, England held all the cards. Cardiff was presumably chosen so as to take advantage of Australia's inability to play spin.

What transpired was the big-talking Swann and Panesar made nary an impression with their spin. The slow pitch was supposed to nullify the pace of the Australian bowlers thus giving the English batsmen the time to play their shots.

The plans worked but not in the manner the English desired. It was the Australian's who capitalised on the pitch and batted the English out of the game. Call it hotheadedness, call it lack of application, the fact is English batsmen were unwilling to sweat for their runs and their bowlers quit when the conditions failed to support them.

For once, the Australian's left 'mental disintegration' back home and concentrated on steeling their own determination. There was no talk only action from their end. What was supposedly a weak side in the terms of Ashes experience proved that talent and will to fight is more laudable than talent with ready made excuses for failure.

The Australian's maximised their talent, the English let it go waste. Let us hope for a better show from them at Lords.


Blogger straight point said...

great form ott... :)

i hope top order learns from tail which waged for them in both innings otherwise the match would not have gone to fifth day...

also they shut their minds reading weather forecasts...and more than the ball they were looking for clouds...

they should learn from us indians who never believe or take our met department seriously... ;-)

13/07/2009, 11:45  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Thanks for the appreciation, Pan. I was getting worried that no one was reacting to my 'opinion pieces'.:)

13/07/2009, 18:09  
Anonymous Krish said...

I wonder how the momentum will go into the second Test. Whether Australia's disappointment will make them work harder or whether England will now feel that the stars on their side and put in greater effort?

13/07/2009, 23:25  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Undoubtedly, it will spur the Australians. As for England, the fact that they escaped will make them believe the stars are aligned in their favour and hence they will relax.

14/07/2009, 12:13  

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