Ashes 2009: Flintoff give us something to remember

Cover of Cover of Freddie: My World

As usual, everyone expects Andrew Flintoff to turn up and win The Ashes for England. Sitting here in India, one knows that is a tall order. It is intriguing how the English press and the English supporters hold such strong faith in a man who has not accomplished much since The Ashes 2005 series.

However, there is no denying the fact that whenever he played, Flintoff was inspiring and to use a word bandied often by the besotted English press, ‘talismanic’ to the English team’s fortunes.

Nevertheless, it is too much to expect him to be the same presence in 2009 as he was in 2005. So what can we expect off him?

Michael Henderson gives us a very good idea of what to reasonably expect.

This will be a good time to leave, 'Freddie', so don't disappoint your many admirers. They don't expect you to run through sides – you never did, as a record of two five-wicket hauls in 75 Tests reveals. But if you dismiss Ricky Ponting half a dozen times, before the Australian captain has got his eye in, England will be halfway towards their goal. Some runs would be nice, too, even if a significant innings is about as likely as the sight of a dolphin splashing about in Trafalgar Square.

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Anonymous Philip said...

Freddie is an overhyped player. His achievements perfectly match with another once in a lifetime player that India has. Ajit Agarkar.

Both are of the same planet. When you write their history, you will scratch your brains to come out with 1-2 exceptional performances.

01/07/2009, 17:00  
Blogger Ottayan said...

I agree, but Agarkar has never been considered 'talismanic'.

01/07/2009, 17:16  
Anonymous Philip said...

Except English press, no one else believes that Flintoff is talismanic. Or maybe Chennai Super Kings. I thought he was a waste of money for Chennai.

As for Agarkar, Tendulkar and the rest of the Bombay lobby in BCCI believes that Agarkar is talismanic. Or why else will he be selected again and again.

02/07/2009, 05:39  
Blogger Ottayan said...

U agree with you about Flintoff and CSK.

I am as mystified as you are about his comebacks.:)

02/07/2009, 06:32  

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