What did Flintoff say?

By now, everyone is familiar with what is hailed as the most sporting moment of the Ashes.

I am referring to the 2005 Ashes test at Edgbaston when Flintoff consoled Brett Lee.

Well, if you were wondering what transpired between the two, just watch the video.

BTW, I would be grateful if someone could decipher Flintoff’s thick accent. I failed to understand a word he said.

Hat Tip: Line and Length

features such greats as W.G. Grace, Denis Compton, Ian Botham, Graham Gooch and of course a legend in the making Freddie Flintoff, this is a great look at the legends of world cricket.
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Blogger Q said...

"After losing the 1st test, we just wanted to turn up for the 2nd and enjoy it. Give it our all. And we did well but the Aussies kept fighting back. On the final day we thought we had it but once we had Warne but Lee and Kasprowicz kept coming at us and kept counting the runs down. We tried everything against Lee, tried to bounce him out, but it wasn't working. With 3 runs to get we had a crack at Kasprowicz and he gave one down to the leg side of the glove. We were all celebrating and I saw Brett Lee down on his kneed and I just went up to him, put me arm around him and said:

It's 1-1 you Aussie Bastard!"

There's your transcript Ott :-)

08/06/2009, 15:51  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It's 1-1 you Aussie Bastard!" - What a sporting comment.

08/06/2009, 17:07  
Blogger Q said...

Haha.. but I don't think he actually said that, I think he was only joking in this video..

Cos if u look at the video of Flintoff and Lee (check youtube), it surely looks like Flintoff is consoling him.

08/06/2009, 17:10  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Didn't know he had a sense of humor.:)

08/06/2009, 17:19  
Anonymous Stani Army said...

Q, you undercover Lancastrian!

Yeah, he was probably joking that he said that. It was a pretty emotional moment, thinking of a joke would have been the last thing on his mind. Lee would have punched if he had said that!

08/06/2009, 20:43  

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