Lost in the world of Fantasies

Twenty20 Cricket wallpaperImage by Arun Geo John via Flickr
I am a cricket fanatic whose fantasia stops with the urge to update myself through out the day with the latest cricket news. You can find me constantly refreshing Google news to get the latest that is happening in the world of cricket.

There is however another set of cricket fanatics who live in a fantasy cricket world. Come any major Test match, an ODI, or even a Twenty20 series these cricket aficionados can be found thronging major online fantasy cricket games and cricket forums.

You can find them feverishly monitoring the team composition and selecting their own. I often think these online fantasy cricket players worry more about getting their team combination right than the team managers and captains. (BTW, if you are looking for one of the better fantasy game you can the play 20 20 cricket game.)

As I said my cricket fantasia stops with getting cricket updates, where does your fantasia end?

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Blogger Som said...

Same with me. Picking a team and predicting results are quite taxing on my leftover grey cells: )

07/06/2009, 12:11  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I feel your pain.:)

07/06/2009, 18:44  

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