I back the Lankans

With India nowhere in the equation, it should be easy to choose a team to back. This time it is not so because the teams that confront each other are Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Historically, India was the first sub-continental team to win the ODI World Cup, followed by Pakistan and then Sri Lanka. Again, India was the first team to win the World Twenty30 Cup and if the pattern continues then the victor should be Pakistan. Nevertheless, is it the right reason to back Pakistan?

Pakistan during its successful ODI campaign stuttered in the beginning only to go on and win the Cup. This time (World Twenty20 2009), Pakistan looked likely to be the team to make an early exit. However, they regrouped and entered the finals. Does it mean I should choose them as the likely winner?

As they have been ostracized and suffered under the yoke of terrorism, they need the win to uplift those people emotionally. Therefore, this should prove sufficient motivation for the Pakistan cricket team to ensure a win. Does this emotional appeal mean that I should back Pakistan?

Coming to the Sri Lankan team all the reasons excepting the historical fact that they have won the world cup after Pakistan holds good. Sri Lanka and its people too have suffered because of terrorism and a win in the World Twenty20 finals will uplift the country. Moreover, during this tournament they have played tactically great cricket and consistently exhibit a unity of purpose. Hence, should I back Sri Lanka?

Clearly, both teams have the right reasons to win. Both are strong, emotionally charged and know each other’s game like the back of their hand. This could mean that both teams will try to play the percentages and wait for the other team to err. This could well make it an equal and boring battle.

Otherwise, an Afridi or a Jayasuriya could well play the hero and take the match out of the rivals grasp comprehensively. This in no way helps me to decide on the favourite.

As there appears no end to this dilemma, I make bold and choose, nay predict that Sri Lanka will win this World Twenty20 2009.

This is not a blind emotional choice, it is a well thought out decision as when I examine both teams chances, Sri Lanka is the team that has a wrong reason to loose.

Having conducted a blemish less campaign, according to the law of averages, the time is ripe for the Sri Lanka team to loose, a fact that has repeatedly proved itself (look at the South Africans in this tournament).

I however, believe that as the law of averages has proved right many a while, it is time that the law of averages should work against itself and hence assure a Sri Lankan win.

Which team are you backing?
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Anonymous Philip said...

i too backed the lankans. Too bad, they lost :( Congrats to Pakistan. They came back well after the thrashing against India in the warm up matches.

Does prove that Pakistan cricket team is indeed a big match team. They deliver when its required.

22/06/2009, 05:44  
Blogger Ottayan said...


The Pakistani's were serious about 'fun cricket'.:)

22/06/2009, 06:12  

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