Has CA gambled on Lee?

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The 33-year-old Lee has done nothing remarkable during his comeback. In fact, Gayle mauled him in the World Twenty20 Cup.

Though Ponting was quick to defend his performances, there are others like former Australian bowler and Pakistan’s coach Geoff Lawson, who believes Lee, is undeserving to be in the Ashes squad.

Despite these doubts, CA has not only selected him for the Ashes, but also has reaffirmed their faith in him by putting him on a retainer worth $760,000 for 2009- 2010. If he secures a contract for 2010-2011 too then he will receive $ 1.22 million in match fees alone.

Now the question is whether Lee is worth the money and consequently, doubts arise whether CA has taken a gamble on this often injured and de-motivated bowler.

Leaving aside his worth, I believe CA has no choice but to rely on Lee. There is no bowler in the Australian team who has his aura and barring him, the Australian bowlers are inexperienced at the Test level.

In essence, Lee is the only Australian bowler who has a record of accomplishment in Tests and hence portrayed as a spearhead. Additionally, it too early to be dismissive about his form and ability. Taking these in to account CA has done the right thing on gambling on Brett Lee.

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Blogger straight point said...

i am not sure bowler worth can be judged on t20 performances...

the way i see it...he is getting into groove and his pace is back...some practice game and accuracy will be back too...

16/06/2009, 12:30  
Blogger Ottayan said...


But he has largely been living off his reputation.

16/06/2009, 15:09  
Blogger lviss said...


16/06/2009, 19:57  
Blogger Ottayan said...


If he does not, Australia will struggle.

17/06/2009, 17:40  
Blogger Thomas said...

That they are playing on a spin friendly wicket at Sophia Gardens with a distinctly lacking spinner in Hauritz. In this scenario, Lee only gets in due to the need for three consistent and experienced bowlers to prop up the team.

If they were at a different ground, Lee should not be picked. There is enough experience and consistent form in Clark and Johnson to warrant picking the likes of Hilfenhaus and Siddle, or take a gamble with McDonald. Swing will be a factor again, and Johnson and Hilfenhaus can both do that.

At the moment, Lee isn't back to top form. He isn't even back to good form. He is just average. They have gambled with him in the first match, but only because they had to IMO.

24/06/2009, 15:02  

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