APU is back

One of our regular readers Ankit, cricket blogger extraordinaire suffered a fate that has struck lesser men, like yours truly.

Having gone in for his own custom domain, he found to his utter chagrin that his domain hijacked by some unscrupulous online elements.

Fortunately, Ankit is one of the resilient types and he is back at what he does best i.e., blogging on cricket.

You can find him and his opinions at ALL PADDED UP. So please follow the link and welcome him back home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who did you host your domain with? Iam in the process of hosting my domain. Am looking at Justhost.

07/06/2009, 07:31  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I bought my domain through go daddy, using the custom domain hosting provided by blogger.

07/06/2009, 18:45  

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