Nothing is going right for the Knight Riders

Wrong Way ... Way Wrong
Saddled with a coach who believes he is setting new parameters by bringing baseball strategies to cricket, an owner who is after publicity and television footage and now a befuddled captain, one feels for the players of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).
It speaks of the resilience of the team that despite muddled batting and dropping four catches they managed to hold on to until the last ball and lost yet another close match to Kings XI Punjab (KXIP).
For the record Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), won by six wickets off the last ball and KKR appear to have missed their chance to make it to the semi-final.

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Blogger lviss said...

riders fans will be thrilled to see their dream coming true--this is one team where the fans pray for their failure-

04/05/2009, 07:40  
Blogger Ottayan said...


You are right and I do not know how the fans will react when the IPL is staged in India. Methinks just for this reason, SRK will sell the team.

04/05/2009, 08:49  
Blogger lviss said...

they have already removed kolkatta fr0m the name-- this is the natural course to take..

04/05/2009, 19:49  

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