IPL 2 - Chennai Super Kings beat Delhi Daredevils

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Considering the murderous Delhi Daredevils (DD) batting line up, the 163 runs target set by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) appeared insufficient. Adding to my discomfort was the fact that the Johannesburg pitch is reputedly one of the best batting wickets in the world; a fact constantly dinned in by Kepler Wessels and Co.

However, despite David Warner’s 51 off 40 balls and Dinesh Karthik 52 off 31, the CSK bowlers were in control and DD crashed to an 18-run defeat.

Now to the specifics of last nights performance. I still feel that CSK were 20 runs short. The problem area, as already pointed out by other discerning observers, appears to be the inability of Dhoni, Morkel and Oram to get going. Even in this match, CSK coasted to 163 on the back of Hayden’s cameo and surprisingly bristling batting by Badrinath.

Vijay, who replaced Parthiv in the squad, appeared to have succumbed to nerves. He was trying to belt the ball without getting his eye in. His performance yesterday was similar to the discarded Parthiv. What I expect from Vijay is to play around Hayden and then when situation warrants launch into strokes.

Once again, the unappreciated bowlers saved CSK. Regular readers may have noticed that all along I have refrained from pointing fingers at them. Considering the limitations imposed on them by the format, they did an excellent job and in fact performed much better than the over- indulged middle –order.

This win certainly leaves CSK looking good at the points table, but if the middle-order continues to splutter, then CSK may have to consider themselves lucky to be one among the losing semifinalists.

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Anonymous rs said...

Dhoni himself mentioned his, Albie's failure (and Albie also mentioned that he has not yet found his form). Badri's shot to get out was also not great -- he plays so nicely and then gets out to a crazy shot. Bala gives 10 runs in the last over to Amit Mishra -- that makes me nervous.

PS: DD not MI :)

03/05/2009, 07:53  
Blogger Ottayan said...


that makes me nervous - I agree CSK's performance is nerve wracking.

P.S Will correct the error.

03/05/2009, 07:59  
Blogger Amy said...

Chennai's middle order is regularly collapsing like a house of cards. Shame.

03/05/2009, 09:12  
Blogger Ottayan said...

A Kiwi,an Indian and a Saffer are in control hence mixed luck/ :)

03/05/2009, 18:05  
Blogger lviss said...

daredevils won a few games without any contribution from gambhir and sehwag-- this should worry other teams more--super kings are managing to stay afloat --

04/05/2009, 07:37  
Blogger Ottayan said...

At the same time they have lost two matches - certainly a point to ponder.

04/05/2009, 08:50  

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