Yahoo V Cricinfo

Global internet portal Yahoo! signed a three-year deal with
International Cricket Council (ICC) recently. Yahoo! has created
www.iccevents.yahoo.com as the online destination for ICC tourneys, including
ICC Twenty20, ICC Cham-pions Trophy and ICC Cricket World Cup.

While Yahoo! is betting on exclusive content, the deal does
not stop rival online cricket-related brands such as Cricinfo from reporting on
major ICC events. Channel loyalty is very high for a digital content consumer
and hence Cricinfo has remained the favoured digital channel for the online
cricket consumer in India,”said Ramesh Kumar, commercial director, Cricinfo India. Sports broadcaster
Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) owns Cricinfo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt if this will work, Ott. Yahoo will have to go out of the way, sign deals maybe with existing players and have them write columns about the events. Those who know anything will go to cricinfo, of those that don't they won't be too many.

As for Yahoo, given the way things are going for them, this seems like a desperate effort to cash-in on the subcontinental cricket mania.

08/04/2009, 22:23  
Blogger Ottayan said...


One thing in yahoo's favour is that ICC official website is still a sub domain.

If I am not mistaken, Gavaskar writes for yahoo. Along with him a lot of others Cricinfo ignored can write for yahoo.

Yep you are right this initiative seems to have originated from yahoo India and should surely shore up their finance.

09/04/2009, 05:53  

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