Vengsarkar on Buchanan's multiple captain idea

Vengsarkar asks a rhetorical question:

"Suppose there is one ball to go and six runs to be scored... and then four guys come to advise you. It can happen to Ganguly himself. I want Ganguly to go to Buchanan, whose idea it is, and ask what to do. This is a mockery of the game... with four captains telling the captain what to do," said Vengsarkar, at Pepsi's 'First Ball Ka Captain' initiative in Delhi  on Wednesday


Blogger lviss said...

Nicely put by Vengsarkar . SRK should read this and cast aside this plan.

01/04/2009, 19:52  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Doubt it. What we are seeing is the franchisee boss asserting himself.

01/04/2009, 19:55  

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