Vaughan recalled

He has done nothing of note,
He is injury prone.
Then why is he recalled?
It is called clutching at straws.

The die has been cast for another doomed Ashes campaign.

Ashes hopes on a slippery slope


Blogger lviss said...


08/04/2009, 19:47  
OpenID vmminerva said...

I actually don't feel that negatively about Vaughan. Yes, he hasn't done much and will probably be out of practice, but he might have some words of advice for Strauss whose captaincy thus far has been boring and naive.

I honestly thought Eng had a chance this time around, but that hope faded with KP's dethronement.

08/04/2009, 22:27  
Blogger Ottayan said...


England is clutching.:)

09/04/2009, 05:31  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Leaving aside Vaughan's contribution, you are right when you say England needs a dose of adventurism in its cricket.

Their game plan in itself is stale and bring.

I like you believed Pietersen was a whiff of fresh air and hoped for a close Ashes series.

09/04/2009, 05:35  

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