Test cricket is the least popular format

An MCC survey has revealed that Test cricket format is the least popular.
MCC commissioned research in October 2009 into the reasons why attendances at Test cricket were declining in parts of the world.

Test attendances in Australia and England remain strong and so the initial research centred on cricket fans in three countries: India, New Zealand and South Africa.

The survey of 1,500 cricket fans in India, New Zealand and South Africa shows:

  • Strong support for a World Test Championship
  • Strong support for day/night Test cricket
  • T20 cricket has helped to diminish the following of Test cricket
  • ODI cricket is the most popular format in South Africa and New Zealand
  • Test cricket is comfortably the least popular format in all three countries
  • Slow over rates, drawn games and bland pitches are not major reasons why fans are not attending Test matches
  • Ticket prices are a major reason for non-attendance, particularly when games can be watched on television

Read more detailed analysis of each section of the research:


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