Saurav Ganguly on the offensive

I admire Saurav Ganguly’s combativeness, in fact this is a quality that sets him apartcricket news online live from the other Indian cricketers.

Having been caught unaware by John Buchanan’s ‘multi-captain’ special, Ganguly as is his wont has hit back obliquely by taking up cudgels on behalf of Indian coaches.

In fact he reckons that Indian coaches have the credentials to do a good job and foresees a bigger contribution from them in future editions of the IPL.

Cynics may wonder why it took so long for Ganguly to realise their worth, however keen observers of the Indian cricket scene will know that it is because of the inability of the Indian coach’s to think beyond their survival and hence weak when it comes to imposing coaching regimens has made their capabilities suspect.

Leaving his new fond love for Indian coach’s aside, it will be interesting to observe how Ganguly is going to take his campaign forward. He will be surely joined by many former Indian cricketers who aspire to coach India. Obviously the rabble-rouser Gavaskar, will take up this issue and make a mockery of it by saying something controversial.

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Blogger lviss said...

This is what I have been saying ever since we began to see great merit in foreign coaches. At best it will help to add one more chapter in his biography. Ganguly has seen a more robust coach than Buchanan. Why Buchanan did not try to implement his multi captains theory with Australian team is a mystery.

04/04/2009, 14:37  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I believe it was trialed in one game in Australia.

04/04/2009, 16:13  

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