Royal Challengers Vs Kings XI - Desperate Stuff

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Both teams languish at the IPL points table.

For Kings XI, D/L has cost them both their rain affected match. Another factor that is stopping them is Yuvraj Singh's uninspiring captaincy. For a team that made it to the semi-finals in the 2008 edition, it is desperate times and a must win game.

Coming to the Royal Challengers, it is more of a morass they are unable to lift themselves from. They lack magic; both the batsmen and bowlers despite their first match win appear sapped. Despite Rahul Dravid competing with Mathew Hayden for the 'purple cap' the team appears unable to lift themselves from run – a - ball mentality. The batsmen should start thinking of Twenty20 as Twenty20 and not as an ODI match.

A win, will rejuvenate a teams chance for a berth in the semi-final.

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Blogger lviss said...

Once again Kallis proved that you can play classic cricket and score in this format. But you need a robust hitter at the other end to compliment him . Unfortunately Ryder and Taylor have not delivered as expected. This is their problem
THe KIngs XI lacks good leadership ,. But they dont seem to bother about this aspect like other teams. This may be because they have Jayawardane and Sankakara to lend support.

25/04/2009, 14:14  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Pietersen has been a failure and the inability of others including Uthappa and Dravid is shackling BRC.

25/04/2009, 15:58  

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