IPL lung-opener: Winning the toss will present a dilemma

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If you are to go by the curator Avin Flint's assessment, the toss will be crucial. He has hinted that the pitch would be bereft of grass and playing under the lights will be a disadvantage.

Adding weight to his words is the fact that most of the pitches in South Africa are yet to recover from the pounding they received during the just concluded domestic cricket season. A tired pitch is sure to be low and slow during the second innings.

Then there is also the dubious dew factor. Sweaty fingers and greasy outfield is sure to make the life of the team bowling second miserable.

If they win the toss it presents Dhoni's CSK with a dilemma. Do they bat first in order to take advantage of the fresh pitch or bowl first to avoid an unresponsive one.

Or do they bowl first to take advantage of a lively pitch or bat second to avoid one.
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CSK looked disjointed.

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