India not yet in control - 3rd Test, 2 nd Day Basin Reserve India V New Zealand

Having a lead of 233 runs with 9 wickets still in hand at the end of second day, it is easy to conclude that India has the upper hand.

However, India is far from sewing up the match.

With 3 days left,India is in the unenviable situation of not only playing out time but also scoring enough runs to pressurize the New Zealand batsmen.

The danger is in misjudging how much time is required to bowl out the hosts which also translates into determining how much runs is enough.

The timing and the runs gain crucial importance, because the pitch is brown and true and as the match progresses it is bound to tame down.

Similarly, as witnessed in the last test, the New Zealand batsmen are no pushovers. What if they click like they did in the last Test?

So, it may appear India is in control, but a poor show can leave them scurrying to save the match.

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