ICC cornered

Pakistan finally breaks ranks and includes three banned players from ICL in its preliminary 30-man squad for the World Twenty20 Championships to be held in England in June.

However, the participation of Abdul Razzaq,Rana Naved-ul Hasan and Imran Nazir will depend on ICC's approval.

Though the ICC is to discuss the ICL at their meeting in Dubai on April 16, this act by PCB is going to put the cat among the pigeons and ICC can no longer delay taking a decision on ICL.

[ICC cornered]


Blogger lviss said...

T 20 looks doomed.

06/04/2009, 22:21  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It is not the T20 but ICL that is doomed.

These guys will be asked to give up their association with ICL.If I am not mistaken the ICL scores over IPL mainly because they have changed their format as a competition between countries(clubs).Evocative of the same fervor as an India - Pakistan match.

I believe the matches involving the Lahore Badshahs are sell outs.

07/04/2009, 06:05  
Blogger lviss said...

If they include them India will back out and our T20 will be doomed.

07/04/2009, 07:07  
Blogger Ottayan said...

There is no danger of that. The problem earlier was players had a choice. They could align themselves either with ICL or IPL.

Now ICL is ruled out as according to reports or is it rumours they are in a financial crunch.

That is what has happened, these players must have agreed to severe ties with ICL permanently, that is why PCB has selected them.

07/04/2009, 11:11  

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