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The Associated Press: Online rights headline Australian Senate inquiry

Sports leagues and the news organizations that cover them offered differing opinions Wednesday about their rights to publish online at an Australian Senate inquiry into how technology is changing sports coverage.

I have already made my stance clear on embargo between the news agencies and sports event organisers. My objection has nothing to do with the organsiers stance but it has everything to do with news agencies stance on copyright.

Leaving that side, in the same AP report, David Tomlin, The Associated Press' associate general counsel, put forward an interesting point.

He believes:

"Sports entities will be able in the long run to take over the reporting of the history of their sports and no one can be entrusted to tell their entire history by themselves," Tomlin said via telephone
link from the United States. "Their right to tell their story is the same as ours (the media) and all of us ought to have access equally."

Well, I for one, object to a uni-dimensional history of events, however his assertion that everyone have equal access to events rings hollow as these very same news agencies claim their reports of what are essentially public events, are subject to copyright laws.

What is your take?


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