Chennai Super Kings v Rajasthan Royals (Supersport Park, Centurion, Pretoria)

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is up against it. Not only are they in a trough and trailing in the points table, they are up against the rejuvenated Rajasthan Royals (RR).

If you take the teams and compare them man to man then CSK is a far stronger team. Unfortunately, for them under the inspiring leadership of Shane Warne, RR team is a motivated lot and hence more than a match.

In sharp contrast CSK is a team that lacks motivation and with the captain under pressure to perform with the bat they need luck to prevail over RR. Both their batsmen and their bowlers are under par and going by Dhoni’s statements it appears there are going to be numerous changes in the squad.

The question is will a change in personnel help CSK’s cause.

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Blogger Slogger said...

As anything in India, we are scared of change. Given that, Dhoni is here to stay. The only way he is going out is either they cancel IPL and he retires. Since both are not going to happen in the near future, we can only bitch about it in our blogs...

30/04/2009, 18:03  
Blogger Slogger said...

Also, I heard that he wants to bring in Vijay for Badri. Yeah that's a great change. Andava

30/04/2009, 18:04  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Thankfully after yesterday I think Badri is safe for this series. I would not mind if he brings in Vijay for Parthiv.

01/05/2009, 06:53  
Blogger Amy said...

It did work!

01/05/2009, 10:35  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Thank God it did. However, more pruning needs to be done.

01/05/2009, 10:41  

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