Chennai Super Kings lose their first match

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I expected this match to reveal where exactly the team CSK stood.However, their performance left me none the wiser.

Actually there was nothing in their performance that indicated a lag.Everything the team did was just enough. The bowlers did just enough and the batsmen followed suit. Yet,the team fell short by 19 runs leaving me wondering why they lost.

This ambivalence is also due to the fact that their opponents Mumbai Indians did not do anything special as they too put in a competent performance.

As a Chennai Super Kings fan I do not want to say this, but I am forced to say that the CSK look as if they are a bundle of cricketers who are yet to gel together. They look disjointed and lacked cohesion.

Let us hope the time together before their second outing will effect a positive change.

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Blogger Trideep said...

The last 5 overs made the difference between MI & CSK. Abhishek Nayar was the difference.

19/04/2009, 00:26  
Blogger Ottayan said...


More than the last five overs, the one over when Abhishek Nayar thumped Flintoff was the difference.

19/04/2009, 05:23  
Anonymous rs said...

I think missed a trick by not bowling a spinner as well -- and Flintoff 3 on the trot at the end won't happen again. Did you see the frantic change of names at the start before the toss? Apparently SA gear for friends Morkel and Ntini did not arrive, so the team was changed at the last minute.

Partiv/Vijay --- that is also going to be the question.

19/04/2009, 06:45  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Completely missed the pre-match happenings. (Now you know how I missed Mandhira:) )

Agree with you on the spinner. Plus I am confused with the inclusion of Parthiv. Dhoni was not injured so if he is playing why select another keeper?

I also agree with you that Vijay/Vidyut were better options.

19/04/2009, 09:26  
Blogger lviss said...

Dropping Tendulkar was costly and the deciding factor.. That undid everything.
There are still six matches to go. They can still catch up.

19/04/2009, 14:22  
Blogger lviss said...

Mandira was a contrast to Shilpa shetty. Everybody was expecting something to happen , I mean, in cricket.

19/04/2009, 14:25  
Blogger lviss said...

Flintoff who has played so many internationals could not out think a player who hasnt played intl cricket. A colossal waste.

19/04/2009, 14:31  
Blogger Ottayan said...


The let-off proved costly.I expected Flintoff to flay away with his bat, but he was overeager.

19/04/2009, 16:51  

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