Chennai Super Kings - Drastic steps needed

If Chennai Super Kings is to reverse their fortunes, they have to replace Parthiv Patel with Suresh Raina or Badrinath.

He, Parthiv Patel, has done nothing of note and when Dhoni is in the squad there is no need for his wicket keeping skills.

Which brings me to the question, is Dhoni carrying an injury? If he is fit then he should kept wickets in the first match.

Similarly, CSK's batsmen and bowlers have to ramp up. Their performance in the opening match can be excused as rustiness, but this match that too against a keyed up opponent like Royal Challengers Bangalore they have to give more than a competent performance.

I would also select Muralitharan in the place of Tushara. He should be able to stem the flow of runs.

What do you guys think?

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Anonymous rs said...

murali and morkel for tushara and Oram/ Flintoff (as there are reports that he may be injured). Balaji for Ashwin? Vijay for Partiv or perhaps swap Badri and Patel's order.

MSD says he sees the game better as a keeper -- wonder why he did not keep?

19/04/2009, 19:39  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Flintoff is unlikely to be dropped unless he is injured, basically because he is there for only 8 (?) matches. So he is going to be a constant fixture.

Yep, Morkel can be brought in for Oram.

Murali should play all the matches and Parthiv should play only if Dhoni is injured.

I agree that either Vijay or Badri should open with Hayden.

20/04/2009, 04:57  
Blogger lviss said...

To me Dhoni never appeared to be a fully fit player any time. I noticed a plaster in his finger.

20/04/2009, 16:39  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I suspect that he is taking it easy -saving himself for the big match perhaps.

20/04/2009, 16:59  

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