Can Chennai Super Kings halt the Deccan Chargers?

Only a rabid fan like me will say that Chennai Super Kings (CSK) can halt the Deccan Chargers (DC) blitzkrieg. A look at the records clearly shows the vast gulf between the teams.

The Deccan Chargers have won all their matches and are leading the points table. CSK’s third position is courtesy of a lone win and a split point they earned out of an abandoned match against Kolkata Knight Riders.

A look at their games clearly shows that CSK is struggling in the batting department. We can argue that CSK have lost their matches with narrow margin, however, they could have won these matches if their batsmen had scored the crucial 20 or 30 runs more.

What CSK has to do to win is that either, one of their batsmen plays a big innings or one more batsmen, say Dhoni, score a fifty. If neither happens, then CSK will suffer another narrow defeat.

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Anonymous rs said...

Another rabid fan thinks it is possible :)

27/04/2009, 10:53  
Anonymous rs said...

Another rabid fan thinks it is possible :)

27/04/2009, 10:53  
Blogger Amy said...

If Deccan win this one, they'll be looking mighty formidable.

27/04/2009, 11:38  
Blogger Ottayan said...


We have got a good score on the board.

27/04/2009, 17:51  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Their form is awesome and they are favorites to get the Cup.

27/04/2009, 17:51  
Blogger Slogger said...

I am saying Dhoni is spoiling the team. Last year, Hayden and Hussey carried them. The same is true this year. There is nothing Dhoni is doing which stands out. Look at his playing 11, there are 3 to 4 players who play no part in the outcome of the Game. Badri, Patel, Joginder are all part of the team, and why are they in the team, no one knows. If Dhoni doesn't change the playing 11 the team will not win...

28/04/2009, 00:41  
OpenID philip9876 said...

and DC make it 4-0. I feared CSK would bring down DC, but Gilly was awesome. ;)

28/04/2009, 05:42  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Even I am perplexed about Parthiv & Joginder. It is apparent that Parthiv is a misfit as an opener, so it is a wonder why they are persisting with him.

Joginder is underused and if it was just for a match you could have put it down to oversight, but in all the matches he has not bowled more than 2 overs. So I think it is deliberate.

Similarly, the whole world knows that Badri needs time, yesterday he should have come at the fall of the 2 nd wicket and instead Dhoni came in.

The selections, the captaincy is perplexing and makes me believe that the tournament is fixed in favour of RC.:)

28/04/2009, 05:53  
Blogger Ottayan said...


DC is at its best this season. I expect them to go all the way.Hopefully they will not peak too soon.

28/04/2009, 05:54  

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