BCCI reprieves ICL players but will ICL let them free?

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After being mule-headed for long the BCCI has announced that ICL players will be considered for domestic tournament if they disassociate themselves from it by May 31 st.

Which is all very good and magnanimous of the BCCI. However, ICL announced on the 15 th of April its plan to launch ICL Season-3 with its 'October-November 2009'-Winter edition of the ICL 20s Indian Championship, preceded by the ICL 20-20 Domestic Tournament & camp for its players.

Given that no love is lost between the two leagues, it is unlikely that the ICL will release its contracted players without getting its pound of flesh.

Once again the players are caught between the devil and the deep sea.
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caught between two stools.

29/04/2009, 19:55  
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