What the 45 day extravaganza will mean for England.

Simply put if ECB lands the opportunity to conduct IPL in England it will mean that in less than 3 weeks they have to organize and conduct 59 matches.


Conducting 59 matches in 45 days at such short notice will definitely stretch ECB's resources and ingenuity.


Nevertheless, if they pull it off, both ECB and British tourism stand to make $ 100 million in ground rent, hotel accommodation and tourist inflow.





Blogger lviss said...

Now we are ECBs mercy They can extract their pound of flesh and settle some scores.
There are not many England players in IPL .

23/03/2009, 22:18  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I do not think so. The money is huge so they will still keep wagging their tail.

24/03/2009, 05:13  

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