Symonds - Another bar incident

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Is it curtains for Andrew Symonds? Has he blown his ‘last chance’?

It appears that Symonds has the death wish. Despite given one ‘last chance’ by Cricket Australia to redeem himself, he seems to have ruined his cricketing future by getting involved in another bar fracas.

mX reports that Symonds was shown the door at New Farm's Watt Bar after drinking with his girlfriend and Bulls teammates. It is alleged that Symonds accidentally broke a glass and was boisterously calling out to his friends resulting in him being asked to leave with his friends.

It is the latest incident in a long list of misdemeanors involving the mercurial Symonds and it is rightly feared that the latest incident might as well end his chances of playing for Australia again.

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Blogger straight point said...

the question is does he 'really' wants to play again for oz...?

24/03/2009, 11:10  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I think everyone is past caring about Symonds. He is history.:)

24/03/2009, 12:09  

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