Some uncomfortable questions

Kamran Abbasi asks some uncomfortable questions.

..the IPL could consider reinstating Pakistan's cricketers if the tournament is outside India. Is that too much too ask? Aren't all nations victims of terrorism? Why should Pakistan's players be penalised and prevented from participating in a purportedly global tournament? Don't Pakistan's cricketers require support from the international cricket community to help competitive international cricket to survive in Pakistan?

Even though there is value to what he says, I believe the matter is out of the IPL administrators hands. Firstly, with elections on the political parties may make it a big issue and ensure that the IPL is forever blighted. Secondly, there is still a majority of Indians who believe that isolation is one way to bring Pakistan to heel.

The political climate and the public sentiment is such that it maybe a long time before we will see the Pakistani cricketers playing against or with Indian cricketers.

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Anonymous Lazybug said...

I agree with abbasi on Pakisatni players being allowed to play. The terrorism part of his article is just a farce.

23/03/2009, 11:35  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Ah Otts... I was just thinking about what now will happen about the Pakistani players who are part of the IPL.

But that article was ridiculous... someone has to remind him that it was their government that stopped them from participating and not the IPL or the Indian government.

Either way, it is interesting to know what will happen. If it happens outside India, the IPl should and in all probability welcome them unless the PCB has something more up their sleeve.

23/03/2009, 14:14  
Blogger Ottayan said...


That was indeed tokenism (terrorism)

23/03/2009, 15:12  
Blogger Ottayan said...


PCB is caught between the devil and the deep sea. It has to placate the Pakistani govt and also the BCCI.

23/03/2009, 15:13  

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