The ‘Ring of Fire’

Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium The Dubai Sports City cricket stadium has been designed to provide a world class venue, ideally suited to act as a neutral venue for world cricket and has the facilities to host Test Matches, One-Day internationals, and Twenty:20 tournaments. With indoor and outdoor pitch-side seating, physiotherapy and massage rooms, a raised lounge with a view of the pitch, locker rooms and dining areas, the Dubai Sports City cricket stadium will provide the world-class player with everything they need.

Dubai Sports City cricket stadium ‘Ring of Fire’ lights up night sky


Anonymous rs said...

I have to ask. what is indoor and outdoor pitch side seating? And actually how close is the pitch side seating to the actual pitch :)

24/03/2009, 08:55  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I believe when the stadium closes its retractable top some seating maybe lost.:)

BTW, How are you?

24/03/2009, 09:00  

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