Ponting the Economist

Sometimes success goes to the head. Drunk on his teams good showing in South Africa, Ponting  draws comparison with the wee bit of trouble the Australian team had to undergo with the global recession. 
Obviously Ponting is no Amartya Sen, yet he points out how Australia, nay the world can heed how his team turned its fortune around and apply the same to combat recession.

I kept repeating that we knew we were a team in transition, that we had a plan and that while little things might go wrong in the short term, I knew if we did not do anything silly, we would be back on track very soon.

These are the same principles I reckon business leaders in Australia should be staying true to in these troubled economic times: keep working on your plan, believe in the people around you and, most of all, don't do anything silly when it comes to your leadership activities and beliefs.

Cricket News Online Live.com on Ponting the Economist


Blogger straight point said...

kudos to team oz they win despite a dickhead leading them...

14/03/2009, 10:52  
Anonymous lazybug said...

What timing by Ponting. The innings defeat was just great news.

23/03/2009, 11:41  

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