Modesty - thy name is Kirsten

Among other things I have wondered what makes Kirsten successful and also different from his predecessor Greg Chappell.

The difference as John Wright correctly points out is the fact that Kirsten “understands the importance and the privilege of coaching India"

When you contrast this with the high and mighty Guru Greg who strutted around and intimidated most of us into concluding that we, i.e., India was privileged to have him as coach, the reason for Kirsten’s success is clear.

Modesty, thy name is Kirsten.


Blogger lviss said...

This is Wrights view.Wait for a few more years when the time comes to end his contract.

12/03/2009, 19:58  
OpenID All Sports Fans said...

Coaches these days need to have an identity...to be successful... the case with Kirsten looks different...though...

12/03/2009, 23:55  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

that was a curious comment, tho an honest one, typical wright doing himself wrong

earlier when i read this, searched out this song, seemed apt


13/03/2009, 01:24  
Blogger Ottayan said...


You are right, now that everything is going perfectly they will be singing praises, it needs one bad loss for everyone to change their tune.

13/03/2009, 05:57  
Blogger Ottayan said...

All Sports Fan,

Eh! Kirsten seems to have become translucent, we see only a vague outline and nothing more. But is it the reason for his success?

13/03/2009, 05:58  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I agree it is typical of Wright to compare himself unfavourably.

13/03/2009, 05:59  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

So far so good... frankly he has surprised me big time... early days though.

13/03/2009, 18:51  
Blogger Ottayan said...


He has already dissappointed by commenting that warm games are inessential.

13/03/2009, 19:29  

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