IPL – Modi persists in giving confusing signals

In a press conference, IPL chief Lalit Modi has made it clear that the IPL is on and said that the IPL schedule is being fine-tuned every minute. As far as player security is concerned during the tournament, Modi said IPL will be responsible for security of Indian and foreign players till the end of the tournament. IPl will be coordinating with state governments for security and 90 per cent of states have approved IPL's new schedule.
Wonder what Modi means by saying that IPL is responsible for player security when in the same breath he adds that IPL is still coordinating with the state governments for security. 

Either IPL is totally in charge or the state governments are in charge and these types of statements only serves to create uncertainty over the conduct of IPL. 

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Blogger lviss said...

The players should feel safe throughout the tournament, thats the point.

10/03/2009, 19:58  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Agree, but vague statements are going to confuse them.

It would be better if Modi/IPL stop making statements until the dates are approved by the state police.

11/03/2009, 04:48  

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