IPL- Exit Rahul Dravid?

Vijay Mallya has made Kevin Pietersen the captain of Indian Premier League side Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Obviously, Mallya believes Pietersen's effervescent personality, explosive batting in sharp contrast to Dravid's dour batting and insipid personality will make the Royal Challengers more appealing to cricket fans and investors.
However, the naming of the South African Jacques Kallis as the captain for the second half of the tournament (Pietersen will be available only for the first three weeks of the IPL) that has cast the axing of Dravid in a different light.
Considering that Kallis had such a poor tournament last year and there were rumours that Royal Challengers were keen to trade him during the transfer window this change in his fortune is dramatic.
Kallis rise means that Dravid will spend the rest of his contract period warming the bench and away from the public eye.

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Blogger lviss said...

One by one Indian captains will be eased out .

23/03/2009, 22:19  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Excepting Dhoni and Yuvraj they are lucky to be playing in the IPL.

So I do not think it is a wrong move.

24/03/2009, 05:15  
Blogger lviss said...

Even Ganguly I hear is on the way and Mccalllum is taking over. Four out of eight will have other captains.
Another question. What happens to city loyalties.

24/03/2009, 06:58  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I doubt whether they will touch Ganguly. City loyalty will remain because as it is other than a few teams the Captains are from some other state. Eg.Dhoni.

24/03/2009, 09:59  
Anonymous Ravi said...

So y they kept torny name IPL...Captain should be definitely given to all the Indian team members, why these people are opting for abroad players...Really it's a very pathetic decision...

31/03/2009, 21:34  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Welcome Ravi.Indeed it is a pathetic decision to strip captaincy away from the Indian players. Having said that, I believe barring Dhoni the others have not brought out the best from their teams.

01/04/2009, 04:23  

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