India comes apart

India lost the final ODI thus surrendering the momentum to New Zealand.
The loss was expected as the Indian team thus far had the benefit of flat wickets. However, the Auckland wicket had lateral movement and it was enough for the New Zealand trundlers to pick the Indian batting apart.
Those who watched the Twenty20 series that preceded the ODI's were surprised that despite winning the series the New Zealander's erred by preparing flat wickets for the ODI's and the Indians took full advantage.
Now that the familiar Indian weakness has raised its head the New Zealander's should prepared seaming wickets. This will not only reveal the true strength of the Indian batting but it will also help subside the Indian egos.


Blogger lviss said...

The collapse came sooner than expected.

14/03/2009, 20:22  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Dhoni has apologized let us hope he meant it.

15/03/2009, 05:36  

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