ICL b Economic slowdown

Clean bowled ICL What the BCCI has been trying to do for the last two- years, i.e., wipe out ICL once for all, the economic slowdown accomplished in a matter of months.

Close on the heels of reports of New Zealand players being unpaid, follows the news that the Pakistan players have been unpaid too.

In fact Abdul Razzaq has confirmed that the ICL has released them from their contracts and would be getting their dues and no-objection certificates within the next few days.

It is also a fact that the PCB is leaving no stone unturned in its bid to get Pakistan's ICL recruits cleared for national duty but it added that a concrete development will only take place if the players come out with proof of their parting ways with the unofficial T20 league”.

Whether it is the security situation or the Indian governments anathema to anything Pakistani or even the economic slowdown, it appears that ICL is clean bowled. However, the question is will it play a second innings.


Cricinfo is carrying ICL’s side of the story. According to ICL

“We came to know that some of our players from New Zealand and Pakistan would be considered for their national teams if they obtain a release from their contracts,” the ICL official told Cricinfo. “We are happy to oblige because having players from our league playing international cricket only adds to our value. We expect these players will play for us again when we restart our programme this year-end.”

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Anonymous scorpicity said...

Highly unlikely for a second innings... In fact I am waiting for some of the franchises in the IPL to also be bowled quite soon.

31/03/2009, 17:17  
Blogger Ottayan said...


The ICL has clarified that they are only letting them play international but expect them to honour their contract when the tournamnet commences during Oct.

31/03/2009, 17:28  
Blogger lviss said...

Cricket in Asia has taken a severe beating after the attack on Srilanka. When IPL is struggling to conduct matches we cannot expect IPL to get it easy. Moreover ICL has a lot of Pakistani players who will not be able to come ti INdia

31/03/2009, 20:02  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Those are at the moment face-saving action hero statements. It is one thing in terms of money to arrange a tourno independently... But to also provide security is impossible and the same concerns/demands with respect to the IPL players will indeed strike ICL. On the outset, the money for security spent is really huge. And honestly judging by developments across the borders and within troubled areas, it is only likely to get worse.

31/03/2009, 23:37  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Yep that could be the major reason. However, I think this is a ploy to get their cricketers play Intl cricket and once a precedent is set then they can demand recognition for their players.

01/04/2009, 04:14  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I agree - the security situation is going to get worse.

01/04/2009, 04:15  

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