Buchanan causes tremors in Kolkata

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No one knows for sure what Buchanan meant when he mentioned the names of Chris Gayle, Brandon McCullum, Brad Hodge and David Hussey while appreciating Sourav Ganguly’s leadership.

For all we know it could have been an off- the cuff remark. However, it has resulted in some vociferous condemnation from Cricket Association of Bengal’s official Sambaran Banerjee.

''He (Buchanan) was talking non-sense soon after hearing that IPL has been shifted from India,'' Banerjee, who is CAB's selection committee chairman, wrote in a published article this evening.

Even if we were to disregard Banerjee’s fulminations, the very fact that Ganguly was absent during KKR’s first news conference for the 2nd IPL has added fuel to the speculation.

Clearly, Buchanan has unwittingly lit a fuse, whether it will leave the Hooghly in flames we will have to wait and see.

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Blogger Soulberry said...

If Calcutta explodes over this then it must be because of the blocked gases in the labyrinth of undergriund by-product transport system of the city.

Bangalore has taken Dravid and KP in its stride and I think the intelligent Calcutta will welcome in a like manner.

After all everybody realizes there is a shelf-life for cricketing ability and some were past it last year itself.

I'm wondering how Kumble will fit in this year?

24/03/2009, 13:10  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I doubt it. They are intelligent but an emotional lot.:)

Even I wonder how they will handle Kumble.

24/03/2009, 13:28  
Blogger lviss said...

Where does SRK stand in this. Since it is not going to be played here there is no fear of Eden backlash if this come about.

25/03/2009, 07:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt if Kolkata will take it very well. You need a mascot in such regionally oriented teams. Ganguly was theirs. Without him, they may not even care of KKR wins.

26/03/2009, 00:04  
Blogger Ottayan said...


SRK is the hidden hand.:)

26/03/2009, 05:55  
Blogger Ottayan said...


You are right, they have already started fuming. Doubt whether SRK's pictures will be shown in WB any time soon,:)

26/03/2009, 05:57  

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